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Finding A Format

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Format is key when it comes to delivering a message. Delivering marketing in the wrong format can ruin a campaign and even doom a projects. This is the same for newsletters and creator projects.

As we start up Marketing Junto, we're thinking about format, about what works best and how we'll move forward toward success of this newsletter.

During this process, we want your feedback. All you have to do is hit reply and send an email. You know what you like and, more importantly, what you dislike.

Onward and Upward! Excelsior! πŸ˜†

Web Finds Of The Week

2022 Predictions: Customer Experience & Digital Experience
And yes, mixed and augmented reality, and even virtual reality, are part of the customer experience & digital experience moving forward.
  • This is an interesting post about how technology and marketing will evolve this year. Granted this was written in 2021, but 2022 is still young. It will be interesting to see how much of a foothold some of these predictions take hold. Between the "metaverse" and hybrid events (caused by Covid-19 not going anywhere fast), I think 2022 is going to shape up to be an interesting year.
Twitter Publishes 2022 Planning Guide to Assist in Your Tweet Strategy
Here’s a handy guide to help you map out a more effective tweet approach for your brand.
  • Twitter has been around since 2006. During this time it's gone in different directions. Now with Jack Dorsey out, Twitter is aiming high with different offerings, like Twitter Blue, Communities, Spaces, among others. This guide, which the social network put out at the end of 2021, shows how Twitter is aiming to get brands to invest time, energy, and, of course, money on the platform.
DuckDuckGo To Release Desktop Version Of Mobile App
DuckDuckGo announces plans to release a desktop version of its mobile app for a more private web experience.
  • This is big. The privacy-first browser is now coming in to the desktop world as a full-fledged browser that "respects your privacy." There is a growing trend, and has been for a while, of blocking ads, cookies, and trackers. Though privacy is a good thing, this technology is making marketing that much harder.
2022 Predictions: E-commerce everywhere
Social commerce, shoppable ads and how e-commerce buying will evolve in the new year – and even impact offline retail.
  • This article is an interesting prediction post. As we've seen throughout the last two years, e-commerce has really grown and it doesn't seem like it's slowing anytime soon. With the inclusion of social commerce on social channels like Instagram/Facebook, Tiktok, and elsewhere, reaching customers wherever they're at in the buying cycle has become more important than ever.
Visualizing Mobile Traffic Worldwide [Infographic]
A look at how people are spending their time online, underlining the impact of the mobile connectivity shift.
  • Social Media Today shared an interesting infographic of the power of the mobile internet. If there's any doubt left in your mind that mobile is the future for most people, now's the time to realign that thought process. More and more people are using a variety of devices to connect with others. Mobile has been and continues to be the kind of how people view the 'net.
I thought I was a football coach. Turns out, I’m a social media marketer. - Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
The author signed up to be a football coach. Little did he know it was a marketing job! The author signed up to be a football coach. Little did he know it was a marketing job!
  • It never surprises me how many traditional jobs convert into online jobs. Even if the person doing the "traditional" job, like in this case coaching, turns into a digital worker to enhance and do his coaching job better.
How Google helped TikTok take the throne
TikTok recently became the largest side on the internet and kicked Google off the throne. The irony: Google helped TikTok get there!
  • TikTok can't be ignored anymore. It is a force to be reckoned with. It has over taken over the #1 most visited spot from Google, with help from Google. Kevin Indig has some great analysis on this.
State efforts likely to prod Congress on privacy
California and now Virginia have passed tough privacy laws, adding pressure on Congress.
  • This is a little political for this newsletter, but the overarching topic does affect marketing in many ways. Also this article is from March, but it will affect us this year for sure. Without a federal and centralized privacy law, it makes marketing in the United States quite difficult. My suggestion follow the California privacy law and GDPR and you will probably be fine. Also don't do anything obviously nefarious. *Keep in mind, I'm not a lawyer πŸ˜„

Marketing Quote Of The Week

"The secret to marketing success is is no secret at all: Word of mouth is all that matters."

β€” Seth Godin, author, marketer, entrepreneur

Podcast Of Note

  • The Art of Entrepreneurship with Jack Hermes
    I first "met" Jackie on LinkedIn. She's become prolific LinkedIn with her insightful posts. When Jackie first launched the podcast, I knew I had to listen. I wasn't disappointed. Three times a week, Jackie releases and episode talking about her journey as an entrepreneur and what she and many people in the entrepreneur-space face on a regular basis. It's a fascinating listen and is chock full of insights the listener can apply to their own journey.

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