Meet The MJ Team

Photo by Merakist / Unsplash

I'm really lucky to have a team of writers looking to make Marketing Junto the best it can be.

Seth with Goldstein Media logo hat and hoodie talking into microphone
El Captain - Seth Goldstein - Editor and Chief Writer (Wednesdays)

Seth has been writing for publications and on his own for more than 2 decades. As a professional journalist for 6 years out of college, Seth wrote about everything from accidents to fires to police disputes to feature stories about mini-horses that could do math. Since starting his own digital marketing agency, Goldstein Media, Seth has been a prolific podcaster and writer. Seth's latest podcast is Entrepreneur's Enigma.

Brian looking very GQ against a stone wall with a green polo
Brian Griffiths - Writer (Fridays)

Brian Griffiths is a marketer through and through. As the chief bottle washer at BStrong Marketing, he helps small businesses grow online and succeed. He is also a digital marketing strategist at Goldstein Media. Brian has never seen a meme that he didn't like and loves sharing the best ones across social media.

Joshua Snitgen - Writer (Tuesdays)

Joshua "The Word Butler" Snitgen, is a writer by trade. He's also prolific on social media with his writing advice and tips on Instagram and elsewhere. He brings a fresh view of technology and social media to the team.

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