Meet The MJ Team

Photo by Merakist / Unsplash

I'm really lucky to have a team of writers looking to make Marketing Junto the best it can be.

Seth with Goldstein Media logo hat and hoodie talking into microphone
El Captain - Seth Goldstein - Editor and Chief Writer (Wednesdays)

Seth has been writing for publications and on his own for more than 2 decades. As a professional journalist for 6 years out of college, Seth wrote about everything from accidents to fires to police disputes to feature stories about mini-horses that could do math. Since starting his own digital marketing agency, Goldstein Media, Seth has been a prolific podcaster and writer. Seth's latest podcast is Entrepreneur's Enigma.

Joshua Snitgen - Writer (Thursdays)

Joshua "The Word Butler" Snitgen, is a writer by trade. He's also prolific on social media with his writing advice and tips on Instagram and elsewhere. Joshua brings a fresh view of technology and social media to the team. He is on hiatus this summer as he goes on an adventure in Nepal!

Ame Proietti - (Thursdays)

Ame Proietti is a copywriter and copy marketer. She is a digital nomad and loves to travel all over the world and has helped clients across the globe with their sales and marketing copy.

Ame is the writer of the newsletter Script Tips. The goal of the newsletter is to help you write engaging and persuasive video scripts so you can make impactful video content.

She will be taking over writing on Thursdays from Joshua who is on hiatus exploring Nepal.

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